MAY 2016

THURSDAY 19: Depart London City airport 18:25, arrive Zurich 21:05. Fight LX467

FRIDAY 20: Depart Zurich 09:55, arrive Dar-Es-Salaam 21:05. Fight LX294

SATURDAY 21: Rest and possibly meet with people re. developing online teaching.

SUNDAY 22: All day visit south of Dar to speak at two Maasai churches. This is an independent work and my first visit. This may establish a permanent link so please pray for God’s guidance, blessing and a uniting of hearts in His will.

MONDAY 23  Resting and meeting people.

TUESDAY / WEDNESDAY 24, 25: In Dar speaking at an AOG church.

THURSDAY 26 – MONDAY 30: Visit Zanzibar to speak over 3 days at a work that includes a primary school and orphan work. The Muslims have built a mosque next door. Please pray the Lord will assist me to speak that which is relevant in the power of His Spirit. Again, this is an independent work, so value prayers about establishing an on-going relationship.

TUESDAY 31 – THURSDAY 2 JUNE:  A brother is trying to arrange meetings at the University in Dar Es Salaam. Please pray for his endeavours!

FRIDAY 3: Travel to Morogoro.

SATURDAY 4 – SUNDAY 12 JUNE: Travelling and speaking in churches in the Morogoro region: Kibaoni, Dumila, Moreti / Gairo, Melela and Mororoi.

SUNDAY 12: Return to Dar Es Salaam.  (Sunday: might be speaking at church in Dar. Monday: meeting people.)

MONDAY 13 JUNE: Depart Dar Es Salaam 22:30, arrive Zurich 06:15 (14 June), Fight LX296

TUESDAY 14 JUNE: Depart Zurich 07:05, arrive Heathrow 07:55, Flight LX316

Things to pray for: 

– that the Lord would give me liberty in preaching and that I might speak that which is relevant to the hearers. Also that His work will increase among the Maasai men.

– that the Lord would open hearts to His word and also open ‘effectual’ doors, as the invitations can multiply but not always prove beneficial.

– for safety and good health as I travel around.

– that the Lord will open avenues of provision for the physical and material needs of believers.

– for my family, that they will know God’s blessing and encouragement while I am away. They are the ones who pay the real sacrifice!


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